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These Are Not Movies

Screenplays for films that will never be made.


Available now! It's the long-awaited new book from 40-Watt Spotlight, featuring
new work from indie-lit luminaries Sean Zio, Jennifer Whiteford, Colin White,
Adam Thomlison, J.B. Staniforth, Michael Reid, Raouf Lefy and Megan Butcher.

On sale here (conveniently enough) or at such fine bookdealing establishments as Ottawa's
Invisible Cinema (Lisgar St.), All Books (Rideau St.), Collected Works (Wellington St.), Venus Envy (Lisgar St.) and Perfect Books (Elgin St.). More locations to come.
Don't see your favourite store on this list? Drop us a line and let us know who we're missing.

Budding love and classically comedic misunderstanding
A woman observing the sadness of city life with an epileptic’s head in her hands
A darkly challenged performer facing the horrible reality of art
A rumination on fame and the possibilities of romance with a dragon slayer.

This book is both a love letter and a cold shoulder to the cinema, praising its beauty
even as it tells it to go to hell. It is eight writers forgoing all that moving-picture foolishness
to make touching, shocking, hilarious movies with words alone (plus a few stills).

These are screenplays for films that will never be made.


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MULTIMEDIA! Hear Jennifer and Adam on CBC Radio's "In Town & Out."


Thumbs up from Apt613!

"... a very entertaining and engaging little book ... a very enjoyable read."


"...a unique anthology with an unintentional, but clear theme of loneliness..."

- Ottawa This Week


"Each short story, whether by accident or design, is an exquisite and personal rumination on the theme of loneliness."

- Wooden Rocket Press


"At times thoughtful ... and oddly humorous. Unquestionably fun."

- TheWig.ca