Adam Thomlison (a'dum tom'lissun) - definition: A man who devotes his life to the study of things not really worth studying (French action cinema; the musical, cinematic and literary works of Sting; detective fiction of the '40s and '50s), Adam Thomlison's natural habitat is the urban centre (his nearest animal-kingdom relative is the domestic pigeon) among outdated technology and excessive collections of all forms of media. When not studying those media he makes his own contributions using the aforementioned technology, despite knowing first-hand the world already has so very much of it - a life pursuit akin in its futility to that of the dung beetle.

     Adam's work has appeared in forums both prestigious (The Ottawa Citizen, Canadian Dimension magazine) and lowly (the bathroom stall at the bus terminal in Kingston, Frank Magazine). His time at Frank got him banned from Parliament Hill , saw him impersonate government officials and led to his work being read aloud in the government legislature of the Yukon. Previous work has made him very popular with Canadian UFO conspiracy theorists and unpopular with multiple city councils and police forces.
     He grew up in various small towns around Southern and Eastern Ontario; that and a significant string of heartbreaks and bus trips (often related) formed the bulk of the research for We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affairs Magazine. The research also included sleeping on a urine-soaked mattress in New Orleans, spending 10 straight hours overnight at a Tim Hortons in a town too small to have hotels, getting his head tattooed, spending the equivalent of $18 on one glass of soda in Paris, wrecking a perfectly good 1991 Chevy Lumina, and eating approximately one squillion pounds of potatoes in their french-fried form.
     His travels, both literal and metaphorical, brought him across the paths of the various literary misfits who contributed to These Are Not Movies, a sort of indie-lit brat pack if the book were a John Hughes movie (which, as stated, it is not).

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