The Last Thumbnail Picture Show is a zine series by Adam Thomlison which has survived its increasingly unfortunate naming convention to nonetheless become critically acclaimed. "Thomlison's strength lies in his ability to focus on the minutiae and the small moments in our lives, drawing attention to them for a second. Not too long - just long enough," says Broken Pencil reviewer Harley R. Pageot.
Bound in actual index prints from actual rolls of film taken by Adam Thomlison, an actual photographer (in that he actually owns a camera), these zines also contain the very short short stories that quiver and rumble inside this tiny package, bursting to get out of their photo-paper cage and into your eyeballs.
These tales poke irreverent fun at stereotypes of all kinds, and one even wades into the ongoing battle between Paris, France and Welland, Ontario for the title of artistic capital of the Western world. One story provides a succinct counter-argument to a story appearing in another of Thomlison's 40-Watt releases, We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affairs Magazine, proving him to be both confused and short of attention span.
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