40 Watt Spotlight is a collective of literary fringe-dwellers who, like rural Chinese and Russian farmers after their respective communist revolutions, don't know they've been collectivized yet. By volunteering their services as editors, think-tankers, Negative Neds and Positive Pollys, they lent to the project a team atmosphere that they may well want nothing to do with.

The goal of 40 Watt Spotlight is simple: to bring to you, the reading public, work that isn't getting the exposure it deserves; work with an independent bent that matches that of 40 Watt Spotlight itself and the folks who run it. Our first release, We Were Writers for Disastrous Love Affairs Magazine by the painfully clever Adam Thomlison, had its genesis as a pair of self-published zines, with a personal touch we want to carry on into 40 Watt Spotlight - we just don't want the paper cuts.

Our second book-length release, These Are Not Movies: Screenplays for films that will never be made, gave us the enviable opportunity to put our name onto the work of a handful of highly respected zine writers (and a couple of undiscovered geniuses), like-minded writers with the same DIY bent we relish so.

We're an independent record label for books, getting our grubby little hands all over every step of the production process as we try to make a mark on an industry dominated by some of the biggest and most faceless multinational corporations in the world.

Drop us an electronic line if you want to know more or even get involved (we might even give you a title - fancy being a Regional Distribution Co-ordinator?). We like mail and do you know what else? We like you.

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